I'm going to VJ a vidshow at Vividcon this year, and I need some vid suggestions! The show will focus on relationships between women--slashy and not--and I'm looking for vids depicting as many different types of relationships as possible (including but not limited to: friends, enemies, lovers, mentors, rivals, partners, mothers, daughters, sisters, and alter egos).

I want to hear any and all suggestions, but especially ones for anime vids and vids about families (think Alias, Gilmore Girls, Charmed... I know some of you watch these shows and have seen more vids for them than I have). Het content is fine, as long as the relationship between two or more women is primary. Other than that, please remember to provide some information about where to find the vid, and definitely mention any of your own vids that you think would fit the theme.

You can comment here or use the suggestion form on the Vividcon website (choose Female Relationships on the drop-down menu). Thanks!

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No specific suggestions at the moment, but I just wanted to say that the idea for this panel makes me SO HAPPY.

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Deja Vu is an excellent Veronica Mars vid with an emphasis on Veronica's relationship with Lilly Kane. Superstar is probably a gimme -- one of the best-known and flat-out best Faith/Buffy vids. Faster Kill Pussycat is a fairly new vid, a semi-invented-reality Lana/Chloe vid that's jaw-droppingly good.

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Which is a really nice way of saying I don't have anything you don't already have, right? *g*

I'm totally choosy about the vids I keep; I know there are a lot of things that would be relevant to you in Hex and Xena and All My Children, but I tend to watch those once and then delete them, on account of not being, you know, all that great. You get that initial rush of "Awww! Bianca!" or whatever, and then you're pretty much done with that one.

I can hardly wait to see your final playlist!
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*laughing* The truth? So far I don't think anybody has, because I am obsessed and have watched at least the first 20 seconds of every vid about female characters and relationships I could find, but this is extremely helpful nonetheless because I want to know which vids other people love as much as I do. Even though VJs get to choose the final playlist, part of what makes a show good is giving the people what they want and one of the things I love about the suggestion process is the community aspect of it.

And, I tend to be very selective as well--most of my playlist consists of vids I already had, for that very reason--but I also don't want it to be just all the same vids everyone is already familiar with, and that's another reason I want as many suggestions as possible. Anyway, thanks again for commenting!

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Hi there, I'm here via a link from [livejournal.com profile] paraviondeux. :) [livejournal.com profile] bradcpu made a fantastic Faith/Buffy study, The End of the World (http://bradcpu.livejournal.com/14331.html). Definitely worth checking out. :)

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Flattered over here... yet I was actually considering offering the vid I'm currently working on (Firefly - River/Inara) as a premiere for this show. Big with the nervous cause the vid's still very early on atm. If you'd rather have that than the Buffy/Faith one, though, I can give it a go.

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Flo did a really wonderful one about Veronica and Lily from Veronica Mars a year or so ago. I can't remember the song off-hand. Lovely vid about being haunted.
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This sounds like a GREAT vidshow. I can't wait!

I will think about vids to suggest. :)

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Regarding that deleted comment- thank you. I was feeling a little paranoid about it to be honest.

: )
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Of course! That's why I deleted it as soon as I saw it. I should have my email somewhere on this LJ for moments like this, huh? (It's my username at yahoo).