I'm going to be VJing a vidshow at Vividcon this year, and the theme is sex. Since fandom really likes making and watching vids about sex, this should be fun... but I need some suggestions! Which vids do you associate with sex? Why?

The vids don't all necessarily have to be vids that turn you on; although that's certainly part of the goal and I want to hear about which vids you think are hot, what people find arousing can vary widely and be intensely personal. So in addition to those vids, for this show I'd love to see a wide range of examples of the techniques vidders use to incite and/or analyze desire. Some of the different types of vids I'm looking for include

--vids that are straightforwardly erotic

--vids about expressions of sexuality such as fetishes/kink/bdsm

--vids about a character's sexuality or a sexual relationship between characters (as separate from the vid itself being intended to be erotic, so this could be a vid about a character coming out, or a vid celebrating sexual chemistry or a sexual relationship between particular characters, etc.)

--vids illustrating a fanfic trope to do with sex

-- vids using explicit external source, photomanips, or other effects to construct a sexual narrative

--meta vids concerned with sex

Anything goes: any fandom, with any characters, of any gender, race, or sexual orientation, having all kinds of sex--be it solo or with one or more partners, kinky or vanilla, serious or silly. (And vidders, please don't be shy about nominating your own vids.)

Any and all signal boosting is greatly appreciated!
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From: [personal profile] giandujakiss

I'd be shocked if it wasn't already on your shortlist, but Kiki's Closer would seem to be what your after. And [personal profile] laurashapiro's Hurricane.
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Oh of course - heh, you could do a Closer show. I assume one of your Closers is Killa/TJ's - which is perfect for your show but with limited time I suppose you might want ones less widely known :-). And the third ... the Angel/Spike one, perchance?

Oh also - the kinkmeme has a bunch of kink-themed vids, but I'd particularly recommend [personal profile] thingswithwings's We Go Together.
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Charmax' Boom Boom Ba, of course, is straightforwardly erotic and includes voyeurism, writing on skin, spanking, biting and oh, so much.

newkidfan's Want is a fantastic use of gaze and close up and skin and editing to create an erotic atmosphere.

From: [personal profile] ex_uphill596

Here via the DW network, two vids come to mind: Need by [livejournal.com profile] newkidfan (Merlin/Arthur vidlet) and We Go Together by [personal profile] thingswithwings (multi-fandom, watersports). Also, not sure if Prot├Ęge Moi by [livejournal.com profile] charmax counts, but especially with the song choice it reads at least partly about desire to me?
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From: [personal profile] rivkat

For years my go-to sex vid was eisakay's I Want Your Sex (Clark/Lex with integrated footage of Brian & Justin having sex). These days I rewatch proofpudding's vids a lot for that--especially one called Desire and a longer reworking, If We Keep ...
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From: [personal profile] rivkat

Edit: wonderfully, the post linked below contains both!
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From: [personal profile] were_duck

here via [personal profile] thuviaptarth's signal boost!

You probably know about these already, but I'll mention them anyhow because this post made me go digging through my vid folder, and now I feel the need to share :)

If you're looking for fanfic sex tropes, you probably already have Papa Don't Preach by [livejournal.com profile] fan_eunice and [livejournal.com profile] greensilver, the Jack Harkness mpreg vid?

Speaking of [livejournal.com profile] greensilver, what about Take It Off (multivid)?

I'm totally fond of [personal profile] isagel's John/Rodney relationship vid The Temptation of John Sheppard, too.

[personal profile] talitha78's Fever (Holmes '09) is pretty great, too.

[personal profile] kuwdora's Paparazzi (Eli Roth/Fangirls) is an interesting look at celebrity, sex, and fannish culture, and includes a few explicit images.

And of course there's [personal profile] cesperanza's Metaphor...

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From: [personal profile] danegen

Here via thuviaptarth.

I second rivkat on proofpudding's vids.

sweetestdrain's Gloria is so hot it convinced me to watch T:SCC.

deirdre_c's In My Pants is 2:42 of jizz.
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[personal profile] thingswithwings has done a number of vids that might be appropriate, as folks have indicated above, but she's also posted a list of kinky vids -- and other folks brainstormed more in comments!

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From: [personal profile] thingswithwings

I was just coming here to rec that kinky vids list! [personal profile] geekturnedvamp, it's so great that you're doing this - I'm already looking forward to this vidshow. :)

Off that list, I'd particularly recommend (for your purposes) such_heights' "Many Hands" vid, bitter_crimson's "Can't Touch This" vid for Pushing Daisies, the Scape Sisters' Farscape vid "Poison," and charmax's Xena vid "Boom Boom Bah." But really they're all great and you should check them all out! kink bingo is here to help with your kinky vids needs. :)

Oh, and I see people above reccing my watersports vid, which is lovely! but really if you were to pick a kinky vid of mine, you might prefer my Mythbusters RPS kink vid, "James Bondage." Or not - depends on what you're looking for - but I think James Bondage is a better vid.


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