Sarah T. / [profile] harriet_spy and I are VJing the Threesomes/Triangles/Trios vidshow at this year's Vividcon. The official description:

"A vidshow about the entanglements, romantic or otherwise, that can arise between three people, from OT3s to love triangles to families to partnerships plus one. In short: why should pairings have all the fun?"

The playlist deadline is this Saturday, and while we have a pretty good show coming together and have gotten some great suggestions already, we could use just a couple more vids! We're especially looking for vids that are upbeat/high-energy/sexy, as well as vids that feature one or more characters of color or a lesbian pairing. Vids focusing on a relationship between three male characters are welcome too.

And I personally would love to see vids for the following characters/trios/fandoms:

Doctor Who, Nine/Rose/Jack
Harry Potter, Harry/Ron/Hermione
House, House/Wilson/Cuddy
Heroes, Nathan/Peter/Claire (I have one suggestion already but the vid only uses S1 footage, so I would be excited to see something incorporating later seasons as well)
Nip/Tuck, Julia/Sean/Christian
Burn Notice, Michael/Fiona/Sam
Superman Returns, Clark/Lois/Richard
Anything from Smallville, from Clark/Lex/Lana to Oliver/Tess/Chloe (and why is there not more fic for this threesome?)
Legend of the Seeker, Richard/Kahlan/Cara

You can leave comments with links here, or email me at my username at yahoo dot com.

rivkat: Rivka as Wonder Woman (Default)

From: [personal profile] rivkat

I did vid a Clark/Lex/Lana thing to "Down Here," but it's not very high quality, in both senses.
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From: [personal profile] rivkat

Lex too! No, I'm trying to get it out the door--last class was today and tomorrow I have free to work.
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From: [personal profile] aria

I love Objection (Tango), which ... is very much a Clark/Lex/Lana triangle, not a threesome. I do not know if you are only looking for happy things! It's one of my favorite vids ever, though.

And, right fandom, wrong threesome: Stuck to You, Eleven/Rory/Amy, full of so many warm fuzzies.

This sounds like an awesome vidshow. :)

From: [personal profile] octette

haha, okay! i was like, oh my gosh, how come they are not on the list? i should've figured that it was because you already had sixty billion vids.

oh, hey, what about the three people from fastlane? i know for sure there is at least one vid about them by talitha78:
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From: [personal profile] daedala

Not that I know much about vidding, but damned_colonial's Sherlock vid seems to fit. Sherlock '09, Sherlock/Watson/Adler.

Er, I assume you're checking with the vidders that it's ok. :)
daedala: line drawing of a picture of a bicycle by the awesome Vom Marlowe (Default)

From: [personal profile] daedala

Oh, no, I thought you were showing them. I'm sorry!

Because I'm not a vidder, I don't know anything about social customs. *turns pink*
daedala: line drawing of a picture of a bicycle by the awesome Vom Marlowe (Default)

From: [personal profile] daedala

The P!nk follow-on is arguably Sherlock/John/Mary, though that might be stretching it.
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From: [personal profile] par_avion

My favorite three-some vids are Apple Candy by talitha (trek) and Tanglewood Tree (due South) by butterfly.

Also, She's Moved On by Lynn/JKL (BtVS) isn't a threesome vid exactly but it is about a triad, and I love it.


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