Some work and personal stuff came up at the last minute, and unfortunately I won't be able to make it to VVC as planned this year. I'm so sorry I'm going to miss seeing everyone--and of course, all the VIDS--but I'm going to try to catch some of the shows (assuming the Vividcon Live streaming thing is happening again), and I'll so be there in spirit. Especially at Club Vivid.

If there's anyone local who would be willing to pick up my registration packet & extra con DVDs and bring them to me next week in Manhattan, coffee or lunch or whatever is on me! Same for anyone willing to priority mail them to me for the next time I see you.

In any case, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and that I'll be there to share it with you again next year!
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Alas, no vids this year, sparkling or otherwise -- my RSIs have been acting up. But I'm sure there will be glitter. (:
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OH NOES. I was so looking forward to seeing you. ::cries::
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I'm sorry you can't make it! I know you will definitely be missed.
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:( I look forward to seeing you. Next year, then...
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I'm so sorry to hear this! Good luck with the Stuff.
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Oh, sadness! I'll miss you!
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Booooooo. You should come to Escapade. We will make there be glitter.